Friday, 6 September 2019

[Update] How to go to Mural Village in Ihwa-dong from Hyehwa Station

This Mural Village in Ihwa-dong is where Lee Gak (Park Yoo-chun) went on a fairytale date with Park-ha (Han Ji-min) in Rooftop Prince.

Visitors can find the many beautiful paintings and sculptures scattered around the village, all of which were created by “Art in the City” project.

This village is located about 800 meters from the subway line 4. You need to walk around 11 minutes to reach there.

If you want to go to this village from the Dongdaemun Station (Line 1), you can follow the map here

How to go to Mural Village :

1.     Take subway line 4 to Hyehwa Station and take Exit 2.

2.    Walk straight and turn left toward the structure.

3.     Walk straight.

4.     Straight and follow the arrow until you find CU in front of you.

5.     Just follow the arrow until you find Tenbillion Store.

6.     Then turn right when you see Tenbillion Store and walk.

7.     Walk straight and turn left when you saw white building in front of you.

8.     You can follow the Naksan Park sign

9.     Walk straight all the way and up the hill. This part is the hardest part to climbing. Walk slowly as you might get tired.

10.     Just follow the road.

11.     Walk until you reach the Naksan Park. If you want to explore Naksan Park, just walk up the stairs. If you want to directly to the mural village, turn right.

12.     You need to walk all the way toward the end of the road. While hiking the hill, you can enjoy taking pictures from here.

13.     The arrow on your left is the way to Naksan Park. But if you're comeback from exploring Naksan Park, you will come out from here and can go all the way to mural village.

14.     The Mural will start here. I'm not sure if the mural still there or not. But some of the mural maybe faded away already. 


  1. thank you this was very informative!
    how long does it take to walk from the subway to the mural?

  2. Hi..i just went here last week..thanks for your good map & was easy to find this place ^_^ #goodjob

  3. Thank you so much your advices have been very useful :)

  4. hi, just to ask,
    at the end of the wall painting, do we have to walk all the way back to the Hyehwa Station to take our transport to another place?
    Where will the end of the wall paintings be? like which nearest station do you have any idea of that?

    Help given would be much appreciated!! :)

    Thank you.

  5. I went to visit Ilhwa-dong in early June 2016. The "fishes' and "Daisies" murals have been painted over and no longer exist.

    My wife and I were sorely disappointed!

  6. Yes, fish and sunflowerstairs gone. However i still enjoyed the journey there and the surrounding areas were nice. Your guide was very helpful. Thank you.

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